The 4.7-2017 JN MEAT INTERNATIONAL has been awarded being one of the best beefproducers in the world.

The company has been awarded with gold, silver and bronzemedals in the competition World Steak Challenge which was held in London.

124 other steaks from producers from totally 17 countries competed in having the best steaks in the world.

An international jury of 12 professionals and 9 consumers blindtested appearance, smell, colour, flavour, succulence and tenderness.

Amongst the 17 compeeting countries were traditionally major producers like Brasil, USA and Australia, and also Japan was present.

Along with the tenderness, this year also especially the flavour was a key factor.


JN MEAT INTERNATIONAL was awarded with the following:


  • Goldmedal: Rib eye
  • Silvermedal: Sirloin 
  • Silvermedal: Rib eye
  • Bronzemedal: Fillet
  • Bronzemedal: Sirloin


Attached links to the competition:

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