For the second year running, steaks from Finland, marketed by Co. JN Meat International, were voted as the best steaks in the world!

The company JN MEAT INT. – based in Slagelse Denmark – was again voted as the world´s best producer of steaks.

At the World Steak Challenge competition in Dublin, taking place 10th July, 2019, the company JN MEAT INT. achieved for the second time running, the famous award of being the best producer of steaks in the world.

At last year’s competition: Best Steak Challenge more than 300 steaks were represented from all over the world, but again the winner was a Steak from Finland produced by JN MEAT INT., in Slagelse, Denmark.

An international jury of experts and a jury of consumers carried out a “blind test” of every single steak concerning: presentation, smell, colour, taste, juiciness and tenderness.

Taking part in the competition were not only countries from the EU, but also traditionally big beef producing countries such as the USA, Australia, Brazil and Japan.

Now when Co. JN MEAT INT. having won the World Championship for the second year in succession, the company has really placed itself on the world map, and meat enthusiasts, who earlier did not reckon Finnish Beef for being something special, are now queuing for buying Finnish Beef.

Mr. John “SASHI” Nielsen, the owner and founder of JOHN NIELSEN INT., is travelling all over the world looking for the unique Beef of an extraordinary high quality. This beef quality John “SASHI” Nielsen has branded “FAMILY FARMS”. After the competition Mr. John “SASHI” Nielsen said:

  • “Well, it is quite fantastic: One thing is that we won the “Steak-championship” in 2018, but winning it again in 2019 is totally crazy. It is a wild dream coming true, and I am not only happy but also moved by our passion for delivering the best beef in the world”.

  •  “Founding my company in 1980, I didn´t actually think, that 39 years later I should achieve and receive so much recognition – and indeed 2 years in succession! Being a medium-sized company in Denmark, it is obviously a tremendous tap on the shoulder achieving this international honour, which we have received”.

The “World Steak Challenge” organization describes the event on their homepage:

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