The Danish company JN MEAT INTERNATIONAL once again comes out on top being the world’s best steak producer.

After being crowned best steak producer in the world 2018 and 2019, JN MEAT INTERNATIONAL once again came out on top at the World Steak Challenge 2021 (after the 2020 competition was cancelled due to Covid)

Almost 400 steaks from 23 countries competed this year in Dublin November 10th 2021.

During a 12 hour session a professional jury together with a consumer-jury judged the many steaks in terms of taste, tenderness and appearance.

The juries found that a sirloin steak from the SASHI series from JN MEAT INTERNATIONAL was the overall best of all steaks.
As a result, this steak was crowned the best in the world, and the company the best steak-producer in the world for the third time in a row, after also winning in 2018 and 2019.

The awarded steak is a product in the SASHI series of quality beef which consists of beef with different characteristics and origins.
Amongst these brands are Freygaard-Nordic Nature Beef origin Finland, Prussian Black origin Germany, Cloverfield origin UK/Ireland and SABOR origin Argentina.

The founder of JN MEAT INTERNATIONAL, John SASHI Nielsen made the following comments after the announcement of the winner 10.11-2021:

So happy and proud that despite being in a lower division in terms of size and budget once again we are playing in the Champions League… of beef.

To be acknowledged and appreciated for making the best beef in the world, is just fantastic and makes all the efforts worth the while.

I am also very pleased to learn that most of us competing at the contest share the same passion and goal, which is being able to offer beef with a high eating quality but at the same time making it sustainably.

No doubt what the future holds for our industry, being that less is more. Current and future generations will still eat beef, but much less and much better beef, I am convinced. As a consequence, at JN MEAT INTERNATIONAL we shall continue to follow our motto:


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